Dec 30th     Norma Jeans LONDON
Nov 25th     Queens Bar & Grill PORT ELGIN

Nov 11th      SOHO Bar & Grill wsg M.A.D. & Astralytes LONDON

Sept 23rd    Thorndale Fair THORNDALE
Sept 12        I Love Local WESTERN FAIR 
Aug 30th     Indie Night @ Fitzrays LONDON
Aug 26th     Queens Bar & Grill PORT ELGIN
Aug 12th      Downtown Street Festival WOODSTOCK
July 29th      London Pride LONDON
July 15th       Leisure Park Campground  RUTHVEN
July 1st         Pinevalley Park  ROCKTON
June 24th     SoHo Bar & Grill LONDON
June 3rd       Downtown MILTON Street Festival 
June 2nd      93 & King LONDON
May 13th      Queens Bar & Grill PORT ELGIN
April 30th     Private Party START.CA LONDON
April 29th     The Horseshoe TORONTO
April 22nd    The Alehouse LONDON 
April 9th       Jack Richardson Awards LONDON Music Hall 
Feb 11th        765 Bar & Grill LONDON                                                                                     
Feb 4th         Eastside's Bar & Grill LONDON          EP REPLEASE PARTY  
Jan 28th        ​Back Alley Bar & Grill ​ST THOMAS                                                                        
Jan 21st         Norma Jeans LONDON                                                                                              
Nov 19th       The Queens  PORT ELGIN                                                                                           
Nov 16th       Fitzrays   LONDON                                                                                                      
Sept 24th      Thorndale Fair THORNDALE
Sept 17th       Western Fair Jack's Open Stage LONDON                                                                  
Sept 16th       The Back Alley wsg Carly Thomas  ST THOMAS                                                            
Sept 3rd        Eastside Bar & Grill  wsg Carly Thomas  LONDON                                                        
Aug 25th       The Wortley Roadhouse  LONDON Duo                                                                         
Aug 19th        Fionn MacCool's  LONDON  Solo                                                                       
Aug 6th         Jackpot Casino  ST THOMAS  Duo                                                                         
Aug 5th         Woodstock's Street Festival  WOODSTOCK                                                                
July 30th        STIHL TIMBERSPORTS Canadian Championship Dinner  LONDON
July 28th-31st  STIHL TIMBERSPORTS Canadian Championship  LONDON (Rib Fest)
July 22nd       Spirits of the Earth Festival  MALAHIDE                                                                      
July 16th         Leisure Park Campground  RUTHVEN                                                                        
July 9th          Fionn MacCool's  LONDON  Solo                                                                      
July 1st           PineValley Park  ROCKTON                                                                                        
June 24th       Backdrafts  LONDON                                                                                                   
June 19th        London's Beer & BBQ Show Western Fair  LONDON                                            
June 4th         ​Milton Street Festival  ​MILTON                                                                                     
May 20th      ​ Norma Jean's  wsg Seek Reality  LONDON                                                                   
May 8th        ​ Doll House  LONDON                                                                                                   
May 6th        ​ Dawghouse Pub & Eatery  ​LONDON                                                                          
April 30th       Grinning Gator​  LONDON                                                                                            
April 23rd       ​London Ale House  ​LONDON                                                                                     
March 31st      The Wortley Roadhouse Opening for SARAH SMITH  LONDON                                    
March 26th     London Ale House ​ LONDON                                                                                     
​Feb 13th         ​London Ale House  ​LONDON                                                                                     
Dec 2015        Grinning Gator  ​LONDON                                                                                            
Dec 2015      ​  London Free Press with James Reaney
Sept 2015       Sunny's Bar and Grill  ​ST THOMAS                                                                           
Aug 2015        Eastside Bar and Grill  ​LONDON                                                                                 
Aug 2015        GT's Bar and Grill  ​PORT STANLEY                                                                               
July 2015        ​ London Pride Festival  ​LONDON  
July 2015         Riff's Music Lounge  ​WOODSTOCK                                                                             


Feb 10th     Eastside Bar & Grill LONDON 10pm-2am
Feb 18th     Start.ca Private Function Budweiser Gardens LONDON
April 13th   Charity Event (Details tba)
June 22nd  Dawghouse Pub & Eatery LONDON 9:30pm-1:30am
June 30th   Gt's On The Beach PORT STANLEY 2pm-6pm
July 1st       Pinevalley Park ROCKTON

Aug 5th     Prospect Hill Campground GRANTON 8:30pm-12am